5 Reasons Why Pond Fishing Will Change Your Life

5 reasons Why Pond Fishing Will Change Your Life

The fishing experience is special every time you can go out and enjoy the great outdoors but pond fishing has it's own special characteristics that can change your life.

1. Ponds are smaller and you are closer to the environment

Just from the definition that it is a smaller boby of water that can not handle the bulk or size of a larger bass boat style watercraft puts you in a position that forces you to either stay on the bank "not Shore" or use a canoe or kayak to get out on the water. This naturally puts you closer and more in touch with the water trees and grass around you. Because the pond is smaller you are required to be more stealthy and quieter in your approach to the fish.

2. Because ponds are smaller a larger boat is not usuable

They are no other boats on the water roaring past you at 60 miles an hour when you are trying to fish. You have to whole pond to yourself. You can fish the whole pond without spending the day motoring around the lake

3. It is easier to decide what to fish with

Because the pond is smaller you can it is easier to change up the tactics for the situation that presents itself. The transition zones between the different types of fishing areas are closer together and easier to differentiate and decide how best to fish that area.

4. It is easier to change your fishing strategy

Goes hand in hand with what to fish with, you can have a couple of fishing poles ready and change between topwater of plastic worms by just throwing out a different pole. or moving down the bank just a little bit. 

5. Catching a big fish is more likely    

This takes in all of the above along with the fact that if big fish are your goal and big fish are present where you are fishing the odds of catching one are increased because the area of water needed to fish to encounter a big fish is less than that required for a large impoundment. It is also easier if you are targeting panfish to bring home a limit of good eating 

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