6 Shaving Facts That’ll Make Your Hair Stand on End

6 Shaving Facts That'll Make Your Hair Stand on End


No we are not talking about some electrifying experience that will shock and amaze you about shaving but rather 6 ways to help your beard hair stand proud so that you can get your best shave

1. Wash your beard 

A thorough cleaning where you remove excess dead skin and dirt helps the hair stand up

2. Use a hot towel to warm your skin and open your pores

Not only does it feel good the heat generates extra blood flow to your face and stimulates the nerve endings causing them to stand up

3. Use a pre shave oil

Lubricates the hair and adds extra moisture back to the hair follicles and helps provide for a smooth glide over the skin

4. Massage your skin thoroughly-goes with the pre shave oil

Again it generates more blow flow and stimulation to the shave area and helps to work the oil into the hair well

5. Pull your skin tight 

You should pull against the grain of the hair - basically you are rocking the hair follicle into and upright position that makes the hair stand out

6. Shave across the grain and against the grain 

Shaving across or against the grain exposes more of the shaft of the hair follicle to the blade



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