Body Prescriptions Shaving Cream and Shaving Balm

Body Prescriptions shaving cream and shaving balm

I was given the Body Prescriptions shaving cream and shaving balm in clean citron scent. The cream came in a 200 mg tub with screw on lid similar in size to must shaving soaps. On opening the shaving cream it presented as a liquid like a thick cream. I expected it to be similar to the regular shaving soaps that I have been using. I dipped my omega brush in it to face lather after soaking it in water and removing the excess. I was surprised to find it did not act at all like a shaving soap. It produced no lather and the extra water from the brush caused it to be thinner and drip everywhere. Once I figured out it was not going to lather the actual shave was not that bad, just a little messy. The glide was exceptional but their was not really any cushion that  you get from the lather as there was not any lather. The smell was not overly exciting but not unpleasant and did not seem to linger after the shave. Overall I would use it if I had nothing else but prefer a regular shaving soap over this cream. I also received the shaving balm and I must admit that I have not used a shaving balm before but was pleasantly surprised with the balm after being disappointed with the cream. The shaving balm is packaged in a 180 mg tube. The scent was the same as the cream. I squeezed some out into the palm of my hand and applied it to my face as directed. The balm is what I would call wet and takes a little time to soak in and dry unlike after shave that dries very quickly. I did notice that during the day I could still feel the balm on my face although the scent was not there that I could tell. After applying the balm it was pleasant and soothing without any sting. The balm will be something I plan to keep and use again.  

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