Behaviors and Attitudes to Make You Superman at Work

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Behaviors and Attitudes to Make You Superman at Work

Superman's creed was to fight for Truth, Justice and the American Way. We can be that superman at work. I am not talking about using superpowers like going faster than speeding bullet or leaping tall buildings, but rather using our behaviors and attitudes to stand up for what is right and truthful. There are always people around us that need to be rescued. We as superhero's just need to be aware and tuned-in to the needs of those around us.  We also have to be open and willing to serve those around us by having the right behaviors and attitudes. In my case I get paid to serve my clients while watching out for the best interests of my employer. More frequently than not it is not the clients that need to be rescued but my coworkers. Just as was the case for the fictional Superman, Louis Lane was always finding trouble. Superman would see her need and respond by coming to the rescue. Standing up for truth and justice are important qualities to have if you want to build your team and develop trust between staff. If your staff know that you are willing to stand up for them and take a bullet, as Superman did your staff will respect you and know that they can trust you. As a leader it is your responsibility to stand up for those around you that cannot stand up for themselves or are afraid to. Just as when Lex Luthor is trying to take over the world Superman stands in for the citizens and fights for them when they cannot fight for themselves. Granted we may never have to standup to someone with super powers but it would not be uncommon to stand up for a coworker that is getting harassed or bullied. Just as I said before you will be "Fighting" for the other person and you will become the focus of the attackers efforts to destroy you as well. Just like Superman, You will probably not be understood by everyone as to why you are standing up for someone else and may receive attacks from them as well. Stepping out is not easy and can be costly but, doing the right thing will always be the best choice. There are many analogies that can be made where doing the right thing is hard and is a major theme in most movies. We do not have super powers where we can deflect the bullets (or allegations) that will be thrown at us because we do the right thing. In bible terms the darkness will always be trying to overcome the light, and if a light (you) is shown into the darkness (in-justice) it will be overcome. The Federal Government, each State and most Businesses have policies and laws in place to protect the innocent and those that stand up for those that cannot or are afraid to stand up for themselves because of fear of reprisal. Make yourself aware of the policies and laws that are to protect you. The EEOC Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is one such agency. It is the federal agency most state laws fall under. There are time limitations on filing claims that you should be aware of so that your claim is not rejected. The timetables for state agencies and those for federal claims are different. In my state the EEO (state agency ) has a 14 day time limit from the offense, where-as the federal (EEOC) has a 300 day limit. Both agencies are there to help protect you and will discuss any issues you may be having prior to filing a claim.  The laws also protect those that do stand up for others with laws against retaliation. We may not have superpowers but our behaviors and attitudes can make us superheroes to those we stand up for.


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