Best Artificial Pond Fishing Bait Ever

twister tail

The best Artificial pond fishing bait ever is a large claim to make about fishing especially with all of the thousands of baits available and the millions of choices available. The most productive and most successful bait I have used is the 2 inch twister tail plastic grub and a 1/16th round lead head jig. My preference and experience has shown that yellow has been the most productive color in the ponds that I have fished. The yellow twister tail grub has caught fish that were barely large enough to get their mouth around the bait and at least one 10 pound largemouth bass that I witnessed. Other species that have been successfully caught with it have included the bream, crappie, rainbow trout, chain pickerel, sauger, and catfish. I am not sure why this particular bait has outperformed many of the other baits that I have in my tackle supply. It could be the yellow color gets their attention and they react to the minnow shaped profile, but other colors that are more bright or contrasting have not produced as well. I have purchased many baits that I thought looked more appealing with their sparkles and more realistic colors of blue-green and every shade in between. I Have even purchased baits that were fish-shaped with twister tails and gills and eyes imprinted into the sides of them and have not caught as many fish as I have with the basic plain yellow twister tail. The triple fin twister tail showed a lot of promise in that it was getting a lot of strikes but the thinness of the plastic tail made it more fragile and would frequently come back without the tail attached, where a short strike had occurred and the fish pulled the tail off. There are variations on the way the bait can be rigged. I most often just use the lead hook as is, but I have put in the extra time and effort  to paint the jig heads and add eyes and some detail. I have also occasionally added them to a small jig spinner. The jig spinner adds some flash and some vibration to the bait but also adds to the size profile of the bait. The increased size of the spinner tends to increase line twist with this setup. However you choose to fish the twister tail it will be productive for you.


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