Best Wet Shaving Recommendations

Best Wet Shave Recommendations

The shaving process is highly personal and subject to each individual preferences and far be it from me to say I have used all of the possible combinations of razors and blades and soap. But what I have used I definitely have opinions about. First off I will discuss the razor I have talked about previously the razor is the "tool" that holds the blade in the most comfortable position and is easily manipulated by you to get the close "Baby Butt Smooth" shave that we all desire and others admire. first off is the plastic safety razor that started this for me this is what it is a piece of plastic that is worth next to nothing and will get your faced shaved but is not really a good comparison of how the overall category of wet shave products will perform. the plastic version did shave well enough that I wanted to explore the next step and try a metal variant for comparison. The plastic variety will break at some point, possibly while shaving, they will loosen at the attaching point of the handle to the head where you need stability and control, they have a light weight construction - some weight to the razor is good. Weight on the razor i.e.. handle and head means you the handle holder do not have to apply unnecessary pressure to the blade to get cutting contact with the hairs on your face. I want just enough pressure that I am not pushing the blade into the skin and causing un-necessary nicks and cuts. With the plethora of stainless steel razors and different handle materials there is not reason you can-not find a razor that should not last you a lifetime and still be something your grandchild would be proud to have and shave with. My first choice would be something - which is almost everything with a stainless steel head that will not rust or deteriorate in the next 100 years. the handle shape that holds the head is a personal decision. My first purchase was the stubby variety of razor handle thinking it would be easier to manipulate under the china nd in tight quarters around the face. This has proven to not be a problem even with the longer fatter handles - especially the more experienced I am at using each tool. the  mr-5 by Maggard Razors was my first purchase . I have since bought the mr-7 and the mr-9 and have found that i use the mr-9 the most. I just like the way the smooth handle feels in my hand, but I shave at the sink, If I shaved in the shower I would want the mr-7 or the mr-5 for the knurled handles and decreased chance of something slipping. I have not had a moment's trouble with any of the maggard razors and plan to purchase more if the future.

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