Fishing Enjoying The Experience

I grew up in a family that likes to fish and I became someone who also loves to fish. Over the many years and changes in responsibilities so has my focus changed. I truly fished every chance I got growing up and when I was a young adult sometimes fishing everyday in search of the 10 pound bass or the biggest bream or crappie I could get. Back then it was the chase that held my attention and kept me going after the next larger fish. Now my focus has become the experience. Spending time with someone or the people I love doing something together. Enjoying the surroundings and the atmosphere of where we are. I usually take my camera as that is another hobby. I make myself look around and take everything in along with the kids. Sometimes the kids are the focus and they get their picture taken, sometimes the way the wind is blowing the clouds across the sky or the way the light is hitting the trees or the water. The point being that catching some fish is not the most important part of the experience it is spending time with and being with the people we love. Building a relationship with someone is what we are talking about. If this is new for you it does not need to necessarily be while you are fishing especially if you are with an adult who is more into catching the fish, it could be the time before or after fishing. When my uncle would take us fishing we would get up early and have breakfast with my grandparents and drive the hour or so to Cherokee for trout fishing and being there close to daybreak. He would take us to where we were going to start fishing and basically turn us loose to fish the area and then we would move on to the next section of the river. We would do this till lunch, we would have a little picnic with sandwich and go back to fishing. After the day of fishing we would stop at Dairy Queen and get a cone. The point being we spent time together doing something we all liked and building relationships and helping each other. As I was a younger adult I have participated in many men's church group activities where just the men go fishing and some father son and father daughter trips.  I can guarantee if you go on a trip with a group of men and children you will have memories and relationship building.  Things will not go as planned and things are going to happen that you do not expect are going to happen. People are going to come together with different skill sets and experiences that will bring everyone closer together.

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