Frangelism Explained

Frangelism Explained

Frangelism is reflecting Christ in ourselves to others so that they would want what we have. Doing things to serve others that are a reflection of him. Serving others from Christ being in us,  not from our selves, but Christ thru us. God has to be at work in us for him to do good things thru us.

Examples of Frangelism

  1. mowing your neighbors lawn
  2. helping them fix their car
  3. take them fishing
  4. go shopping and spending time together
  5. have lunch together or have them over for a cookout
  6. go to a movie

As you can see these are not things that are normally considered to be an evangelist outreach. These are thing that you would normally do every day or in your daily weekly routine. The point being that you are sharing your life with them and by doing that sharing everything that is important to you with them. This is why it is so important for you to be "real" as a friend once said, be who you are, act the way you normally do on Sunday as you act on every other day of the week.When we are reflecting God to others our attitude should be one of servitude and grace from Christ and not one of self, where we are just doing something or being nice because it makes us feel better or we expected to receive a "reward' we should serve for the sake of be a servant of christ not for our own glory.

Things to not do:

  1. Don't be phony - if you act differently around church friends or church and are trying to disciple someone they will see you as being a hypocrite
  2. Don't be uncomfortable - be yourself, you are who they want to be around, as you are normally , not some made up person you think a christian should be.
  3. Don't be pushy- You are not the one doing the work in their heart, God is
  4. Don't lie- you don't have all the answers as to why God does things, use it to explore his word together
  5. Don't keep your light under a bushel basket- let God work thru you

Link to frangelism commitment form where you can anonymously make a commitment to yourself for reach out to someone in your circle to Frangelise

Frangelism sign up form

We will lift them up in prayer along with you at Anthem Church

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