Listening and Trust Building skills

Listening and Trust Building skills

Socializing With another is a key component of having effective relationships with the people around us. Socializing or being social with another person can range from the non committal  nod when you are passing someone on the street up to "engaging" in an in-depth conversation. When you are engaged with someone in the act of conversation it is a sign of respect and being considerate for the person that also would like you to talk with them. As a person that is responsible for the actions of my staff and what they do and trying to help our clients when they have problems, conversations are a fact of life. In my busy schedule I have to remember to stop what I am doing and pay attention to the person that would like to talk with me. Because it is important to the person that would like to speak to me or they would not be asking me a question.

  1. Stop what you doing if someone wants your attention
  2. Look at the person
  3. Listen to them while they ask their questions or get their point across without interrupting them
  4. Acknowledge you have understood their problem by repeating it back to them so you both know what issue needs to be addressed
  5. Respond in a respectful manner with your answer

Everyone likes to be shown some respect, and listening to what someone has to say is the least you can do to show you have concern for them and what is important to them at that time. By showing them respect you are lifting them up. By lifting them up you are building trust. When you build trust you can have effective communication. When you are communicating effectively with those around you, they will perform better for you and when there is a problem they will be someone who will trust what you say. Others might call this building a rapport.

Of course there will always be levels between people - employee to boss, customer to client, child to parent.  Engaging in respectful listening and conversational skills will enhance the relationships between both parties. Building trust is an integral part of the communication process and can be lost easily if your communication skills are lacking.

Things to never do:

  1. Not following through on what you say destroys trust.
  2. Backstabbing, tearing people down destroys trust, be it in front of their face or behind their back (gossip).
  3. Lie, If you don't know say so, lying destroys trust

Once trust is lost it may never be regained.

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