Omega Boar Hair vs Synthetic Shaving brush Review

     I received some new supplies to try out and review with all the christmas sales going on and had seen a recommendation for a synthetic brush being very good so I purchased the Omega S10065 blue synthetic brush from Maggard Razors. I already have the Omega 10049 professional boar hair brush and have been pleased with its performance so far but I am on a quest to find the best shave. 

     I had been using the S10065 the same way as I had been using the boar hair brush. I was not getting the same performance from the synthetic as I had been getting from the boar hair brush.  The bristles on the S10065 are much softer to than those on the 10049. The Omega 10049 professional boar hair brush was loading as it had been and splaying out nicely for my face lathers and building a nice lather. When I did this with the Omega S10065 blue synthetic brush it would load some soap but become "paintbrushed" where all the bristles (Fibres) were matting together in the soap and it would not splay correctly to apply the soap well and therefore would not face lather well. I initially would add water to the brush to thin things down a little but that only helped some and one of the characteristics of the synthetic brushes are that they do not hold water like real hair.  

     I had an epiphany at 3am the morning before I was going to write about the shaving brushes. After using the synthetic brush for about a month, I had originally planned to write a negative review for the Omega s10065 synthetic brush. I realized that the brush may be performing the way it is supposed to, that it might be the soap I am using that is the source of trouble. I had learned from other work that using the right tool for the right job makes all the difference in getting the job done quickly and efficiently. I then applied that to my shaving and decided to see how well the brush would do with other soaps. The tallow based soaps that I have come to like and have been getting my better shaves with are what I had been using to test the new synthetic brush with as that was what I was using with the boar hair brush. The Soap Commander soaps and  Stirling Soap I have been using are a harder soap than some of the  soaps that I have used previously. So I pulled out an older Razorback soap  I had, and tried the S10065 on it. The razorock soap is softer and the S10065 loaded and lathered much better with the softer soap. Also pulled out a glycerin soap that the lather was very light and soap like. The lighter lathering or not as thick lathering soaps definitely brought out the better qualities of the synthetic brush.  

     After figuring this out a direct comparison of the two brushes is not really fair as each brushes characteristics lends itself to being a better performer at different tasks. Both brushes were well made and did what they were designed to do. You would need to decide what your looking for in a brush and what meets your needs better based on what products use prefer to use. Of course having both is not a bad choice either. 


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