Soap Commander “Courage” Shaving Soap

     One of my new favorite shaving soaps is "Courage" by Soap Commander. It has given me some very good shaves so far and I really like a lot of the qualities that are present in the soap.

     The label say's it is a shea butter enriched, vegan edition. The label lists the ingredients as steric acid, distilled water, shea butter, coconut oil potassium hydroxide, glycerin, sodium hydroxide, castor oil, may also contain: mica, titanium dioxide,iron oxide,tin oxide. Per the label the courage scent is a peppercorn, citrus and cedar scent. And the website describes it as

Courage contains fresh, daring notes of Japanese grapefruit, bergamot, and lemon; followed by middle notes of peppercorn, ginger, jasmine, aquatic marine notes, and a hint of peppermint; sitting on expensive base notes of natural patchouli, cedar, vetiver, labdanum, and frankincense."

     Some of my better performing soaps have been the tallow based soaps over the glycerin based soaps.  This vegan soap from Soap Commander has been a good performer that has loaded onto the brush easily and produced a thick face lather that did not dry out during the shave and let the razor glide smoothly over the skin. If I have one complaint about the soap, it is that the lather could have a little more voluminous to it. I do especially like the amount that soap commander sends you and I really like the container they package their soap in as it is larger than most and that helps with loading the shaving brush in the container. Unlike some of the other glycerin soaps I have received that were packaged in small tins that were filled to the top and had to be placed in another container to work with them. The scent is also pleasant not overpowering but manly. The website describes the scent as-

Our Courage scent is a combination of fragrance oils that will immediately remind you of what a real man used to smell like...Bold, Rugged, Romantic, Sexy, and Sensual...Courage is ALL MAN and ready to courageously face whatever this world throws at him."

     I don't know that I would say it was all that but it is a nice scent that I could use regularly. Also really like the names they have chosen for their soap scents such as -Respect, Vision, Confidence and Endurance. But overall I really like the Soap Commander "Courage" and recommend You try it also.  

Soap Commander


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