Taconic Lime Shaving Soap Review

Review of : Taconic Lime Shaving Soap

This is one of my "new " soaps I received at the beginning of the month and have used it several weeks so that I could write a fair review.  The Taconic soap  is a Glycerin based hard puck soap that comes in a very nice tin with a nice label. The tin is the same approximate size as a shoe polish tin. The soap is wrapped in a sealed cellophane wrapper inside the tin. Per the label it is a handcrafted soap in New York's Hudson Valley and lists the ingredients as Coconut oil, Safflower oil, Olive Oil, Caster Oil, Glycerin, Hemp Seed Oil, purified water, sodium hydroxide, sorbitol, bentonite clay, sorbitan oleate, soy bean protein, wheat protein, and essential oils. On inspection the soap fills the tin nicely and was well sealed. After opening the soap I noticed a nice clean lime smell that my daughter also liked. I noticed that the tin was not large enough to keep the soap in and also work the soap, so I placed the soap into a large cup that has worked well. After several weeks of using the soap the nice lime smell that we got when we opened the package has mostly gone. When working the soap to a lather I can get a very faint lime smell. The next area would be the actual lathering of the soap for applying, the soap lathers quickly and forms small light foam. I have tried it both extra wet and fairly dry on the brush and have not been able to work it into a heavy thick lather, when I applied it to my face the brush would lay it down on one side and pick it up on the other side. Shaving today I decided that the soap lather was drying out to quickly. The glide with a new feather razor blade was normal , not worse and not better.   At  $11.49 for the puck it will last a long time but it does not beat the col conk I reviewed last time and is not the ultimate in my search for the best shaving experience. 

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