Visual and auditory Cultural Changes or Junk-In= Junk-Out

Visual and Auditory Cultural Changes

The Idea behind this comes from my most intelligent wife in that we have tried to be particular about what we allow ourselves and our children to take in thru their eye's and ears.  Let me be the first to say that this has not always been the case with me, that I have been guilty of allowing myself to see movies or listen to things on the radio that were not beneficial to me and some that was absolutely harmful. I have heard it said that the eyes are the window to the soul meaning that what you see has a direct impact on you immediately. That is why movies make so much money, they are able through the use of your eyes and ears to transport you to another place and or time. These things imprint on our minds, there is probably not anyone who does not know the star wars theme music when they hear it and your brain probably just played a snippet of it for you just from reading this. This is why it is so Important to protect our eyes and ears from seemingly innocent items that are brainwashing us into accepting things as normal that are not normal at all. The old saying of sex, drugs, and rock and roll, still applies and has been updated to killing, abusing women.  This not only affects us personally but us a country and what is considered to be normal or accepted behavior. Each of has to decide what we are going to allow ourselves to view or listen to. I wish I had a dollar for every time we saw a movie a said afterwards that it was ok except for that one part that had it been left out the movie would have been more enjoyable and more recommended to others. The decision about what you are going to watch or listen to should also include your spouse or your children. If you have to watch it by yourself it is probably something you can skip watching as this presents a double standard that is confusing to those around you.  It is just a matter of your personal convictions and how you would like others to perceive you. It is difficult when you have a friend that has a affair or does something that you would normally say was wrong for them to do when you have promoted the deed by going to a movie that lifted that deed up. Movies are not the not thing that can influence us, talk radio or regular radio can also influence the way that you behave or react with other people, talk radio or even radio hosts have a great influence on what we are normalized to. Being normalized happens to everyone, nurses become accustomed to pain and suffering, police become accustomed to tense situations , lawyers become accustomed to people that break the law, if we listen to things that are controversial or outside of our normal moors we become accustomed to it and they become part of our normal moors the more we accept it as a normal daily thing. Pornography is probably the worst trap that can ensnare someone, man or woman, or should I say boy or girl as it often starts as a young adult or teen when we have accidentally seen something and we become curious which leads us further into the trap of repeated attempts to fulfill our desires and satiate our selves. The number of people whose lives have been adversely affected by our altered sense of what is right and wrong due to what we have indoctrinated ourselves with will probably never be something that can be calculated because of the chain reaction that one thing leads to another until we are over our heads. If you know someone who has a problem or if you have a problem with this please seek out some help from someone. If your child has a problem with pornography I highly recommend getting assistance outside of the home and possibly even professional counseling services for  your child.  I have included a video and a couple of links for groups that you can get some assistance.   One of which is covenant eyes computer protection which is a good idea for everyone. covenant eyes, and setting captives free


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