Wet Shaving Set-UP

Wet Shaving Set-UP


The shaving experience has evolved into more of a ritual for me at this point.  Every time I shave it is not just to get it done and over with but to take the time to ENJOY a shave. The right tools will make the experience more enjoyable and not so much a chore and if I can save some money doing it that makes it that much better. 

The basic items needed to get started Wet Shaving are the same as for regular shaving with a few differences. These would include

  1. A Razor
    • this can be broken down into several different styles and uses but the majority of users will opt for the closed comb safety razor
    • closed comb safety razor– meaning the area under where the blade sits is a solid piece of steel
    • An open comb razor has teeth like a comb under the blade area- used for heavier beards
    • The handle shape and material are the major differences in design
    • it is basically just the holder of the blade so it should be comfortable and something you can manipulate around your shaving area well
    • cost $20.00 – $300.00
  2. Razor Blades
    • there are many different offerings here – most beginners opt for variety pack until they find a blade they like. I really like the Feathers and Gillette silver blues 
    • this is the part that does all the work so you want a good tool for the job
  3. Shaving Soap or Cream (preferably soap
    • these come in there own tubs and also as rounds cakes that are used in the shaving bowls
    • A good soap makes shaving easier, by helping the razor cut more smoothly
    • the smell of the soap also added to the enjoyable part of the shave – there are soap and aftershave combinations that are paired scent wise to enhance the experience- for example lime shaving soap with lime aftershave like Razorock and Captains Choice
  4. Shaving Soap Brush
    • The best tool for getting a good thick lather from the soap onto your face
    • several different bristle hair types are available – boar hair brushes are the most popular
    • cost $7.00- $300.00 , I currently am happy with Omega
  5. Alum or Styptic block
    • used for shaving cuts
  6. Optional Items
    • pre-shave oil or lotion
    • after shave lotion
    • shaving stand
    • shave soap bowl
    • I Also use a a large coffee cup to soak my brush in prior to soaping although some people let theres soak in the sink


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